Partisan Defense Committee
Financial Statements for Year Ending
31 December 2006


Sustaining Pledges8,782.00
General Donations21,438.24
2005 Holiday Appeal (Received in 2006)5,579.30
2006 Holiday Appeal (Received in 2006)8,172.42
Proceeds from Jamal button, video1,358.41
Earmarked Donations
   Mumia Abu-Jamal Legal Defense**
   Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign Donations4,260.10
Total Receipts55,490.13
Total Expenditures(83,006.61)
Net Receipts(27,516.48)


Prisoner Stipend Program
   Monthly Stipends5,100.00
   Special Purchases942.00
   Money Order Fees and Postage641.92
   Holiday Gifts—Prisoners2,650.00
   Holiday Gifts and other support—Family1,324.92
   2005 Holiday Appeal—Expenditures 365.63
   2006 Holiday Appeal—Expenditures 4,591.53
      Subtotal 15,616.00
Cases and Campaigns
   Mumia Abu-Jamal Legal Defense—Transmittal
   of earmarked donations** and PDC donation 5,979.66
   Mumia Abu-Jamal—Brochures 11,609.00
   Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign—Newspaper Ads 11,882.67
   Mumia Abu-Jamal—Pamphlets and other printing 5,659.43
   Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign—Other Expenses5,370.32
   Mumia Abu-Jamal—Video 2,243.57
   Other Case Donations***1,720.00
Class-Struggle Defense Notes
   No. 34—24 pages (printing and postage) 3,341.15
General Expenditures
   Supplies and Equipment3,337.40
   Legal Investigation5,000.00
   Telephone, E-mail and Fax3,592.18
   Bank Fees427.25
   Membership Fees65.00
Total Expenditures83,006.61


Cash at 1 January 2006 21,737.81
Net Receipts, 2006 (27,516.48)
Loan from Spartacist League* 20,000.00
Cash at 31 December 2006 14,221.33
Cash at 31 December is allocated as follows
   Prisoner Stipend Program9,738.80


*Loans outstanding from the Spartacist League at year end were $204,354.64, an increase of $20,000.00 from last year’s total.

**All donations earmarked for Jamal Legal Defense as well as all proceeds from Los Angeles, New York and Oakland Free Mumia Abu-Jamal rallies, and net proceeds from Chicago Free Mumia concert in the year 2006 were forwarded to The National Lawyers Guild Fund to help cover legal defense costs.

***Includes contributions to the following: Lynne Stewart Defense Fund; Legal defense of the Anti-Minute Men 5; Workers World/Pension Defense Project; Nebraskans for Justice; Josh Wolf Legal Defense Fund; legal defense of anti-military recruiter protesters at the University of Chicago.