Partisan Defense Committee Letter

11 May 2024

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The following letter was written by the Partisan Defense Committee.

11 May 2024

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle
E.R. Graham Building
1350 N.W. 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

Re: Donald Armstrong

We join with others condemning the police attack that has left Donald Armstrong paralyzed and imprisoned on bogus charges. We demand his immediate release and that all charges be dropped!

On March 7, Mr. Armstrong's mother called 911 seeking help for her son during a mental health episode. Instead of medical assistance a police death squad was dispatched to the home. While holding a screwdriver and pulling his shirt up to assure the police that he was not armed, officers tased him twice and then fired six rounds into his torso.

Mr. Armstrong remains partially paralyzed yet remains held without bail in a prison hospital. Initially charged with both "aggravated assault" and "resisting arrest without violence," the assault charge has been dropped, and resisting arrest reduced to a misdemeanor. The bogus charge of resisting arrest is only to cover for the officers' outrageous attack.

We demand: Free Donald Armstrong! Drop all charges!

Paul Cooperstein
For the Partisan Defense Committee