Partisan Defense Committee Letter

22 January 2024

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The following letter was written by the Partisan Defense Committee.

22 January 2024

Brooke Jenkins
District Attorney of San Francisco
350 Rhode Island St., North Building 400N
San Francisco, CA 94103

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins

The Partisan Defense Committee demands that the charges leveled by your office against 78 demonstrators who were part of a 16 November Bay Bridge protest against the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza be dropped immediately. Your office has filed multiple charges against those arrested carrying sentences of up to a year in prison for each offense. This vindictive prosecution threatens any who would raise their voices in opposition to Israel's genocidal onslaught, which is backed to the hilt by the Biden administration. It is all part of a despicable campaign to brand those showing solidarity with the brutally oppressed Palestinian people as anti-Semitic or even terrorists, as you have done in the past.

Drop all the charges against the Bridge 78!

Reuben Shiffman
For the Partisan Defense Committee

cc: Arab Resource & Organizing Center