3 May 2024

Defend UCLA Pro-Palestine Activists!

Shut Down All Campuses!

The UCLA encampment was viciously attacked under cover of darkness early on May Day by an organized and genocidal mob of Zionists. The pro-Palestine students bravely held the encampment and repelled an hours-long barrage of fireworks, bear spray, bricks and sticks. This violent assault comes as Israel prepares the slaughter of the Palestinians in Rafah with renewed fury. Throughout the lead-up to the attack, the UCLA administration ensured the Zionists were protected by police and campus security, including at a massive counter-protest right outside the encampment a few days ago. Under orders from Mayor Bass and Governor Newsom, the LAPD and CHP ended up dismantling the encampment and arresting over 200 student protesters. UCLA activists urgently need the powerful organized L.A. labor movement to rally to their defense!

UCLA unions like UAW Local 4811 have authorized a strike vote. The Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP) organized a walkout on May 2. This is a good start, but the campuses must be completely shut down! We need to mobilize students, faculty and labor unions as broadly as possible—from Northern to Southern California and beyond—in defense of the UCLA, USC and Humboldt protesters! A determined pushback against the repression could spark working-class action more widely in defense of Gaza. The arrests of pro-Palestinian students are being carried out at the behest of school administrations—the campus agents of the ruling class—and the Democratic Party, which is busy arming the Zionists to the teeth.

Protest the LAPD/CHP siege at UCLA! Cops off campus! Drop all charges! No reprisals! Rally pro-Palestine forces against the Zionists! Free Palestine!