30 April 2024

Down With Police Siege at Columbia, CCNY!

Shut Down NYC Campuses to Defend Pro-Palestine Protests!

The U.S. rulers, soaked in Palestinian blood, are pulling out the stops to end the student protest encampments as Israel gears up to massacre the population of Rafah. From Biden to Hochul to Adams, the Democrats have been clamoring to unleash the cops to attack and dismantle the encampments, slandering the pro-Palestinian students as "violent" and "anti-Semitic." At Columbia, cops in riot gear stormed onto campus and hauled off dozens of protesters who had occupied Hamilton Hall. The NYPD plans to remain on campus until at least May 17 at the request of the administration. At CCNY, they assaulted students with tear gas and pepper spray before arresting them. This is an outrage?and it looks like the repression will only grow more brutal as the night goes on. An injury to one is an injury to all! For citywide campus strikes to defend the protests! No reprisals or bans! Drop all charges!

Over the last two weeks, the campus administrations and the cops have relentlessly gone after the protesters. Each time, the protesters have bravely bounced back and escalated their struggle in defense of Gaza. Some faculty and campus union members have courageously come out on the side of the protesters. But greater forces must be brought to bear. We need to mobilize students, faculty and campus unions as broadly as possible throughout the city and beyond in defense of the Columbia and CCNY student protests! This can spark broader labor action in defense of Gaza and the protests. Protest the NYPD siege at Columbia and CCNY! Cops off campus! Defend the student protesters! Free Palestine!