July 2021

Class-War Prisoner Jeremy Hammond Released

On March 5, after nearly a decade of unjust incarceration, anarchist Jeremy Hammond was released from federal custody. Hammond had been serving a ten-year sentence for hacking the computers of the Stratfor private security firm. He passed on emails exposing Stratfor’s spying on leftists at the behest of corporations and capitalist governments to WikiLeaks and dozens of media outlets. As he approached eligibility for early release, he was hauled before a grand jury assembled to witchhunt WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Like Chelsea Manning, Hammond refused to testify and was jailed in contempt of court until the grand jury expired in March 2020. He was then remanded back to the federal Bureau of Prisons to serve out the remainder of his sentence. We welcome his release noting he never should have spent a day behind bars in the first place.